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In 1971, Gerald M. Weinberg, put forward a controversial idea: we should look at programming as a human activity, not just a mathematical, scientific, or technological one. His book, The Psychology of Computer Programming, pushed organisations to look at software through a humanistic lens, not just a technological one.

And he was right to look at developers’ emotions and relationships. Happiness shapes job market outcomes, productivity, and even firm performance. …

SoftBank’s “Pepper Robot”

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As the roots of technology grow deeper into organizations, anxiety around job security and efficiency heightens. At least this was the case ten years ago in the French Ministry of Agriculture where there were hopes to digitalise manual data collection processes. The French Government commissioned a small team to build an application, which would allow public agricultural inspectors to manage all of their onsite duties from a tablet. They could build itineraries, use GPS routing, upload and annotate images and videos, and input data…

As someone who likes to write essays for fun, I have been thinking recently about why. Often I will be hit with a thought that needs sense made of it, and I do believe that essays are one of the best ways to do it. They force me to structure my thoughts, to develop hypotheses and reach conclusions — or at least attempt to. Some of them I publish, a part of me hoping that they will be read, and many of them I don’t, mostly because they are… a little too honest, perhaps (much like this one might be)…

When I was around 18 years old, Facebook had been out for a few years. MySpace pretty much ceased to exist for my friend group at that time — the only thing interesting to see there anymore was if you had maintained your Top 8 position… actually we probably didn’t even care about that anymore.

Facebook was so much more ‘grown-up’. You could write what you were thinking and it would just be on your page; no need to scroll through that arduous ‘blog’ section on the MySpace homepage where people would drone on about what was bothering them or…

“Propaganda removes the mind from man and instead gives him the feeling that he is right with the accepted opinion…”

We often find ourselves in our local cafe on Monday mornings — my husband and I — and what often begins as silent, caffeine-sipping, bleary-and-tired-eyed company soon becomes debate-fuelled quality time centred on some abstract idea he’s been listening to podcasts and reading about. It often ends in me taking something personally and getting upset because I’ve run out of good arguments and so what else is there to do?

We’ve discussed many topics before, usually standing on opposite sides, trying to conduct a meaningful and honest exploration into any subject. …

When the alarm went off at 4:00am that morning, I think I could have cried. My tears would have been filled with the sadness that wake-ups in the dark are made of, as well as a healthy dose of regret and yet another realisation that the infamous German bureaucracy had finally found us.

Before I continue, let me preface the rest by saying if you are going to relocate to Germany and you pretty much know that for sure, get your visa at home. No matter what the internet or friends will tell you, this is going to be your…

My young, naive self couldn’t seem to appreciate the incredible grandeur that Budapest did possess, as I had been to Vienna a few days prior and then shamefully compared the two throughout my time there. This paradoxical city should have been a true highlight of my adventure, and in retrospect it actually really was. From eating a traditional Hungarian meal in a private, twinkling courtyard with new friends, to cruising along the Danube on a gentle summer’s evening — drinking wine in paper cups beneath the light of a full moon and absorbing the splendour of the glittering parliament building…

The year is 2049. Los Angeles is lost in an expanded metropolis, standing tall beneath the perpetual cover of wintry night, and is idly living under the thumb of totalitarianism. Ordinary Replicants go about their material-infused lives, focused on ‘being’ and ultimately thinking they’re something that they’re actually not. As a millennial, I grew up thinking that I was special and the belated sequel that is Blade Runner 2049 bluntly reminded me that I’m actually not any different to those around me.

The film follows LAPD Officer K who unearths a secret that takes him on a quest to find…

Motivated by compassion and love is Diana of Themyscira, the Wonder Woman who is the latest superhero to grace our cinema screens. We all know her as the powerful goddess who answers to no man and seeks to defeat Ares, the god of war, thus saving humanity and making it pure again.

If only it were so were so simple.

Wonder Woman stands as an empowering testament of female capability, yet it masks itself in the desire to make life mean something. Men and women alike can relate to her character because of what she stands for: the desire to…

  1. There is too much to know.
  2. It requires a lot of effort to know stuff and then know MORE stuff.
  3. Once you know something, you can’t un-know it.
  4. If you know too much, the information might make you sad.
  5. You might feel compelled to help in a sad situation that you’ve just found out about.
  6. You probably won’t have the time or resources to actually do anything to fix or help.
  7. Knowing stuff can cause social instability.
  8. If everyone knows lots of different things, they might disagree with you.
  9. You can focus on just having fun.
  10. Happiness keeps the world steadily turning.


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